Wednesday, October 11, 2006

From Ogden to Italy

Yesterday I heard from my friend Angi that my little sheep has found it's way to Italy. I had months ago thought about making a mail art piece for Angi to mail while I was at the SB retreat. The problem was I was down to the wire getting it stitched at the last minute and having to sew it shut in the hotel room in Ogden.

Angi has sent me a couple of mail art pieces that are just beautiful, and I wanted to surprise her with one when she least expected it. I also wanted her to know how much I would love for her to be at the Shepherd's retreat with all of us SB addicted stitchers. I stitched an Italian Flag above my lamb keeping it simple since I wasn't sure it would actually arrive.

When I went to mail it at the Post Office in Ogden, the clerk didn't know quite what to think. He just kept asking me if I wanted an envelope for it. I told him no, but I did want a "real stamp" and not those ugly metered stickers. While he just stood staring at it, I said "You're going to hand cancel it now right?" and he said "I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it." I assured him he was going to hand cancel my stamp as I wanted to see the postmark. So from Ogden (home of the Shepherd's Bush shop), to Italy, in just under 2 weeks. Who says mail can't get through to Italy?????


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