Friday, December 15, 2006

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions, thanks to Jill Rensel

I love to stitch, I don't mind doing finish work, but I hate to stretch, pin and lace my needlework and then do the framing. As a former photographer, I've done my own framing and matting for years and at this stage in life it's just a chore.

I spent last weekend framing a piece and was so happy with the ease and speed that it came together I decided it was time to get on a roll and get some things cranked out, especially one that will be entered in a show next summer. So I sat down and measured some pieces and will be buying supplies this weekend.

In the picture above you will see a beautiful frame that came from my visit to Rensel Studio in Ogden UT in September. Jill is hands down the best framer I've ever met. She has an adorable studio with such fun things hanging on the walls, and she has such creative ideas that it's a joy to watch her work with people and then there's the spread of food she puts out for we SB retreat attendees. But she hates waste and saves all her framing ends and cuts them to make these adorable tiny frames that she then gives away. She not only gives you the perfectly made frame for free, but it has the backing board and the hanging hardware already in place. It's such fun to paw thru the baskets and find one that screams your name and the one in the picture above screamed really loudly at me this year. Isn't it beautiful? Now I have to find just the right celtic design to stitch for this beautiful free frame from Jill. THANKS JILL!


Blogger cathymk said...

It's a gorgeous frame - look forward to seeing what you come up with.

3:56 PM  
Blogger Cindy said...

Oh my...that one is really awesome! I'm sure that you'll find a great piece to put into that frame. I could not believe the frames that Jill was giving cool :)

10:11 PM  

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