Monday, February 05, 2007

Inside the Wooden Treasure Chest

When last we met, I was going to spend my weekend having a go at the wooden chest that holds my stash that is out of sight and out of mind. I managed that before life went into overdrive and here's what I found. There were distinctly two groups, one of kits or of things I've kitted and not yet started. The rest were pretty much unfinished obsessions that I hope to finish one day. They are now all nice and neatly arranged and I hope to dig something out of there from time to time now that I know how to find things. The small piece I finished during the SuperBowl was a kit that I kept out to work on, so there's hope.
I hate to have to admit that I have a large blanket basket to dig into one of these weekends that is also full of stitching, and there's a drawer in a bookcase and OMG where does it end.

KITTED: (waiting to be started)
Miniature Samplers IV/Homespun Elegance (with 28 crème cashel)
2006 Cross Stitch Calendar/EEF
Such an Undertaking/Amy Mitten (Kit from 2006 SB retreat class)
With the Same MO: Victim #2/Amy Mitten Kit
With the Same MO: Victim #3/Amy Mitten Kit
Secrets of a Queen/Amy Mitten (Kit from 2004 SB retreat class)
Friends are Angels on Earth/Hearts Content Kit
Preamble Sampler/Feeling Stitchy
Elizabethan Necessaire/Charland (Kit from 2004 SB retreat class)
Terri’s Needle Case/Lori Birmingham Kit
Jessie Burnett Sampler/Aspen Ridge Threadworks (Vikki Clayton silks)
The Ann Carter Sampler/Scarlet Letter Kit
The Mermaids Sampler/Forget-Me-Nots in Stitches Class Kit
Roses & Ruffs/CatsPaw Designs Kit (from 2004 class)
Summer Jubilee/Blackbird Designs (32ct Tombstone)
Quaker Garden/Blackbird Designs (SB conversion)
A Thread Fold/Mary Garry’s Sewing Cabin Kit
My Heart is True/Gail Bussi Kit
Adam & Eve/The Marking Sampler Kit
Americana Sampling/LHN Kit
Les Lys/Cousines et Compagnie Kit
Women of the Mayflower/Sarah Ullman (32ct Sand Dune)
Stitching Chair Necessaire/Hillside Sampling Kit
Atalie/Le Coeur Atalie Kit
Scared Stitches 2006/SB Retreat class kit
A Secret Garden Needlework Necessary/Forget-Me-Nots in Stitches
Happy Hearts Sampler/BOAF (32ct Meadowlark)
Feb Heart Fob/Needle’s Content Kit
Spring Garden/BOAF (32ct Flamingo)
Mermaid 2002/Sarah Ullman Free Design
Rhine Castle/old JCS
Celtic Cross/Elizabeth Designs Kit (charm & fibers)
And They Sinned/Examplar Dames (Elegant Bean & GAST)
Scattering Seeds/Barrick
The Announcement/EFTH
Halloween Costume/BOAF free design
Dandelion Sampler/DT (from JCS June 94)
Be A Witch/SB
Christmas Elves/BOAF
Valentine Holiday/BOAF

STARTED: (waiting to be finished)
Bonjour/Mariska (32ct white Belfast)
Noah's Ark Sampler/The City Stitcher (Birth Sampler for Tanner)
Autumn Sewing Roll/Needles Content Kit
Tis’ Halloween/Blackbird Designs (from 2006 SB retreat class)
Random Thoughts/Drawn Thread
My Son/Indigo Rose
Linen Lace/Drawn Thread
Ring of Stitches/Earth Threads Kit
Charm Garden/Just Nan
Mermaid & The Sea/EFTH
Celtic Christmas/Lavendar & Lace
Plimouth Plantation Sweete Bag/Examplarery
Happy Happy Day/SB (free kit from 2004 SB birthday party)
Le Quaker á 6 Mains/Free Design (28ct white cashel & Medieval Mulberry
Witches Pocket/R&R (kit from 2006 SB retreat)
2006 SB Retreat Welcome Kit Necklace
Come Tarry/SB (2004 SB class kit)
Sampler Necessaire & Scissor Keeper/DT
Too Tiny Too/DT
Desiderata Sampler/Indigo Rose
Quaker Huswif/Sampler Cove (32ct Lakeside Vintage Luna)
Pocketful of Posies/JCS Apr 1998
Letter “A”/M Designs (28ct Attic Lace & Nan’s Mulberry)
It Was Once…/Free design by Annick Abrial
Cinderella/Mirabilia (Sarah’s)
Hannah Bingham Sampler/Joanne Harvey from SANQ
Noel NeedleRoll/M Designs Kit
French Lesson/BOAF
With The Beatles/Sotu Inc
Rose of Hope/Indigo Rose
Circle of Hope/Brightneedle
Feelin’ Groovy/Ladybug Lane
Rays of Hope/Milady’s Needle
Cure Tree/M Designs
Lend a Hand/Charlotte Dudney
A Giving Heart/DT
In the Pink/Midsummer Night Designs
Dreamers High/Lavender Wings (28ct blue linen)


Blogger quiltorstitch said...

That is one huge list! Best of luck knocking them out :D There are several on there that I have seen, and are very nice. Enjoy!

1:35 PM  
Blogger Katrina said...

Wow that's quite a list for that box :-). There are some gorgeous pieces.

3:55 PM  
Blogger Chelle said...

Oh WOW. I want to come play at your house. You have the best box of toys! LOL

6:49 PM  
Blogger Jeanne said...

Wow you are making me feel a lot better about my own WIP/UFO lists! You've got some serious stitching to attend to. :) Also congrats on your Superbowl Sunday finish - I'm glad something good came out of watching the poor Bears lose. :(

10:53 PM  
Blogger Vero M said...

Oh la la..What a list :-))))))

4:04 AM  

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