Sunday, March 25, 2007

Get me out of this subdivision already

Weekly check in on the gameboard progress (or lack thereof). I put in a couple more hours on the gameboard and now have less than 4 houses and 6 motifs. One of the houses has to be charted yet since it will be my house. I also want to put a flag in the signature square since this piece is already signed and dated in the border.
(28 houses-26 motifs)

Amazing what you'll find if you dig deep enough.

Come Let Us Adore Him (Lizzie*Kate) was finished in the final days of 2002. I started it early enough, but I suffered a broken elbow in San Diego in mid-November. I was off work for 8 weeks and considered this piece (and winding onto bobbins an entire collection of Anchor floss I won on ebay for like $78) my therapy. I have everything ready to frame this piece one of these weekends when I do the framing frenzy, then it can stop floating around my house like an illusive ghost.

The Mary Garry Christmas Heart Pincushion (2000 JCS orn) was stitched in 2003 and I was all ready to finish it when it was lost. I've thought about it from time to time, but never found it until this weekend. (You'll notice that with just two stitches I could have turned this into a 2008 ornament).


Blogger Susan said...

I love that Mary Garry ornament - I actually have 2 of them for my tree. One year I stitched the ornament, and just a few weeks later, I received another one as a gift from a stitching friend. So I hang them both up on my tree each year.

11:35 PM  
Blogger Katrina said...

Adana, you are so, so close! It's really going to be gorgeous :-). That little LK is one of my favorites.

7:55 AM  
Blogger Cathy said...

Keep Adana - you are almost at the end. I envy the progress you've made! It's probably going to take me another year!

10:20 PM  
Blogger Beyaz Gelincik... said...

merhaba,hem türk,hem adana olunca geleyim dedim...güzel şeyler yapmışsınız,ellerinize sağlık olsun .sevgiler...ben de adanadan adresim

4:33 AM  
Blogger catandturtle said...

omg, your gameboard is amazing. Wow! Very cool. Ann.

11:41 AM  

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