Saturday, March 30, 2013


I have to admit that I have OODLES of XS that is completed and just sitting in drawers. I get big crap when I am asked what I'm going to do with a piece once it's completed because I say I'm going to add it to the stash of finished projects. But this past week I picked up a piece from the framer (OUCH) and am so thrilled looking at it that I think I'm going to get on a roll with getting busy with framing again. I do not enjoy stretching and framing like I enjoy stitching, but still. Our new house also has less wall space to actually hang things (at least it seems that way), but I'll start in the living room section of the dining room and see how that looks.
Samplers: Left to right, top to bottom:
Queen Sampler: Rockome class piece by Eileen Bennett & Linn Skinner
Heart and Hand: Ewe and Eye and Friends
Fraserburgh's 400th Anniversary: by my friend Annie in Scotland
The Thistle Sampler: Charland
Secret Garden: Lizzie*Kate
Little Paradise Sampler: Virginie Mendzildjian (SANQ #27)
Wedding sampler I made for my gr grandparents married 1886
Phyllis Sampler: JCS 2003
A Time to Rend and a Time to Sew: Margaret & Margaret
Patience is a Virtue: Eileen Bennett (Sampler House)
Lo How a Rose: Brightneedle


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Your needlework looks lovely against the yellow wall

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