Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Very little blogging, even less stitching and just no reading about stitching stuff

I've just been too busy lately to keep up with anything stitching related (research and family will do that to you, along with a couple other things on my agenda right now, which includes laughing my guts out at a friend).

Hey, my very special friend up north, I cannot thank you enough for the tip off!!! You are just too funny right now in what you're doing, and it makes me roll on the floor with laughter! Evil incarnate! I think I've taken care of everything on this end and I expect to hear anymore details you have for me. We have quite a history between groups, retreats, plenty of emails and tons of drama on both our parts (isn't famous fun??? OK, perhaps not, we'll leave it to Britney!). Then there's Rockome for sure next year right, since you missed it this year????? I can't wait to get together with you again. I have to say that last Little House piece of yours is just a charmer, and there again we have our Little House story to laugh about don't we??? OMG, stitching friends are just to much fun. Thanks always for the defense and for the sweet message, I so appreciate it.

Now to the stitching news, which isn't much.
I'm back stitching Happy Haunting from the Shepherd's Bush retreat last September. Picking this up again right now wasn't hard at all with fall in the air and on my fabric. I'm working on the hill which I have outlined. In class with Tina last year she had us work on a couple of the bands below the hill so I have those at least started. I've also worked on the things on the hill and will show you some progress pics in the near future here I hope. Until then I expect to keep laughing with my friend who totally cracks me up.


Blogger Michelle said...

It's good to be laughing! Can't wait to see a progress photo of your SB piece!

11:23 AM  

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