Saturday, March 30, 2013

A special gift

It's finally framed! This design has always been special because I met the designer, Cynthia Zittel back in 2000 and Cynthia shared the in progress stitched piece that Patti her assistant was working on with our group telling us it was a secret. I made the decision right then to stitch it. I completed the major portion of the sampler in 2009 when suddenly my father died, I suffered thru a bout of shingles and a federal investigation at work, we bought another house and moved and started renovating the old one all in a six month period, so this piece was just long forgotten. I was enlightened that the flag was upside down, so that was corrected and I hated the bottom right house (I charted the house our kids grew up in) so ripped and redid that and it suddenly seemed done. I could not be happier with it and have all of 9 months to enjoy it before it goes to live with my son. He plays chess, and I put his name and birthdate above and below the crown motif.