Friday, September 07, 2007

1907 Czech/Slovak Sampler - Completed

I have a finish! Amazing, but true!

It's been a while and my life has not been my own lately, so this feels very good right about now.

I've been staying with this project day and night just to see it completed and a cohort at work has been cheering me on.

This is a repro sampler class project from Rockome this past June by Marjorie Mueller called "1907 Czech/Slovak Sampler". I enjoyed most all of this piece except the very bottom right corner blackwork, which drove me up the wall until I finally got a rhythm going and could do it from memory and not read the chart. Then suddenly it was completed. I think for all the work it was, that part of it looks smashing.
THANKS MARJORIE! Hope to see you again next year at Rockome. Oh yeah, and those goodie bags you handed out to class participants was just amazingly generous.
Now I have to decide what to work on next.