Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In Process Projects

Also known as UFO (unfinished obsessions).
I have all these crazy unfinished things rattling around in different parts of the house and am trying to bring them all together in one or two places and get them organized and see what I want to stitch in this life and what I want to launch. Here is the current list and I better be living until I'm 300.

REVISED 4/6/2013
**Quaker Garden/Blackbird Designs (SB conversion) DONE
Bonjour/Mariska (32ct white Belfast)
Noah's Ark Sampler/The City Stitcher (Birth Sampler for Tanner)
Autumn Sewing Roll/Needles Content Kit
Random Thoughts/Drawn Thread
My Son/Indigo Rose
Linen and Lace/Drawn Thread
Ring of Stitches/Earth Threads Kit
Charm Garden/Just Nan
Claddagh Little Charmers/Charland Designs Kit
Mermaid and The Sea/EFTH
Celtic Christmas/Lavendar and Lace
Plimouth Plantation Sweete Bag/Examplarery Kit
Happy Happy Day/SB (free kit from 2004 SB birthday party)
2001 Scissor Keeper/SB
2007 Scissor keeper/SB
Le Quaker á 6 Mains/Free Design
2006 SB Retreat Welcome Kit Necklace
Come Tarry/SB (2004 SB class kit)
Sampler Necessaire & Scissor Keeper/DT
Too Tiny Too/DT (2 of them)
Desiderata Sampler/Indigo Rose
Quaker Huswif/Sampler Cove
Letter “A”/M Designs
Hannah Bingham Sampler/Repro from SANQ #1
Noel NeedleRoll/M Designs Kit
French Lesson/BOAF
With The Beatles/Sotu Inc
Dreamers High/Lavender Wings
Shepherd’s Purse/SB Kit
Jingle/SB Kit
Little Witch/SB Kit
Thankful Sheep/SB Kit
We Will Go A Haunting/SB Kit
The Promise/SB Kit
Goblin’s Will Get You/SB Kit
Baby Bug Ball/SB Kit
Dartmoor Sampler/SB Kit
American Sampler/SB Kut
America/SB Kit
Busy Bee/SB Kit
Santa’s Little Goodie Bag/Mosey and Me JCS Orn Issue
Nautical Round Robin that needs finished
Silver Bells/Treasures from the Heart (Rockome Class Kit)
Welcome Spot Sampler/DT
Halloween Fairy/Mirabilia Kit
A Cookie for Santa/JCS Orn Issue
The Night Before Christmas/BOAF JCS Orn Issue
Pearls and Rosebuds/DT Free Fob
Mehitabel the Menopausal Mermaid/The Examplarery Kit
Milkpaint Sampler Threadfold/Mary Garry’s Sewing Cabin with Silks
Happy Haunting/2006 SB Retreat Kit
Circle of Hope/Brightneedle ESSY
Feelin’ Groovy/Ladybug Lane ESSY
Rays of Hope/Milady’s Needle ESSY
Cure Tree/M Designs ESSY
**Lend a Hand/Charlotte Dudney ESSY DONE
In the Pink/Midsummer Night Designs ESSY
Miniature Samplers IV/Homespun Elegance (to make into a box)
With the Same MO: Victim #2/Amy Mitten Kit
With the Same MO: Victim #3/Amy Mitten Kit
Secrets of a Queen/Amy Mitten (2004 SB retreat class Kit)
Friends are Angels on Earth/Hearts Content Kit
**You and No Other/EEF DONE
Preamble Sampler/Feeling Stitchy
Elizabethan Necessaire/Charland (2004 SB retreat class Kit)
Jessie Burnet Sampler/Aspen Ridge Threadworks
The Ann Carter Sampler/Scarlet Letter Kit
Roses and Ruffs/CatsPaw Designs Kit (2004 Rockome class)
Gazebo Garden/Libby Covington Kit (gift from designer)
Summer Jubilee/Blackbird Designs (32ct Tombstone)
A Thread Fold/Mary Garry’s Sewing Cabin Kit (with silks)
My Heart is True/Gail Bussi Kit (with silks)
Adam and Eve/The Marking Sampler Kit (with silks)
Americana Sampling/LHN Kit
Les Lys/Cousines et Compagnie Kit
Women of the Mayflower/Sarah Ullman
Stitching Chair Necessaire/Hillside Sampling Kit
Atalie/Le Coeur Atalie Kit
**Scared Stitches 2006/SB Retreat class kit DONE
A Secret Garden Needlework Necessary/Forget-Me-Nots in Stitches
**Elijah's Angel/Barrick Samplers DONE
Mermaid 2002/Sarah Ullman Free Design
Rhine Castle/old JCS
Celtic Cross/Elizabeth Designs Kit (charm & fibers)
And They Sinned/Examplar Dames
Scattering Seeds/Barrick
The Announcement/EFTH Kit
Pumpkin Urn/EEF Blacksheep Kit
Wooly Hare/EEF Blacksheep Kit
The Mermaid/The Essamplaire Kit
With All My Heart/Blue Ribbon Designs Kit
**Silk Berries/Schoolroom Samplings Kit DONE
February Heart Fob/Needle’s Content Kit
Kaffekendel/Eva Rosenstand Kit
Celtic Cross/Elizabeth Designs
Halloween Costume/BOAF free design
Be A Witch/SB
Christmas Elves/BOAF
Valentine Holiday/BOAF
Mary Todd Lincoln/Posy Collection
Abraham Lincoln/Posy Collection
Lincoln Bookmark/Posy Collection

I have not pulled out all the SB kits I have or the little assorted Shepherd's Bush retreat projects that we were given in 2004 and 2006 that I need to finish or all the Rockome class pieces. That will be for another day.