Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rockome Class Piece finish

"Susan's Needle Nook" by Susan Greening-Davis
A class piece from the 2007 Rockome show in Arcola, IL.

The inside of this piece has black felt to rest your needles.

Something about the over one stitching on this piece that I could not put it down. Thinking it would be a while before I ever got it done, I have to say that I found this fabric very easy to stitch over one. It's evenweave rather than linen and was very enjoyable to work with. Once I started doing the over one wording I realized I couldn't stop until I was done, that was at 1am this morning. Today at lunch I finished off the green darning section at the top and raced home from work and did some chores so I could sit down and put it together. I missed the class at Rockome when this was taught so perhaps I missed out on the button that is shown in the picture that came with it, but I improvised and used something a little different to hold my ribbon and I'm plenty happy with it. This was a most enjoyable piece to work and it's a piece I broke the rules on. I wasn't going to start any projects that were not already in progress until I had finished some, but once I found this among the stash and really looked at it, I was intrigued to the point I had to start working on it, and besides I paid good money for this class. It was a very fast stitch and a most enjoyable one, to the point I was sorry to see it end.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mermaid in Progress

Just a little mermaid project or so I thought when I began working this one. It's not as easy as it looks and there is much fill once you get the mermaid stitched. She's pretty ugly, but I find her quite the charmer with that stuck up tail and saggy boob. (Sirens of the Sea by Carriage House Samplings). I work on this many days a week during my lunch half hour so the progress is slow.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Brightneedle's Blue Moon

This is a free design that is offered by Brightneedle. Another in a long line that was started and never finished. Not sure yet what exactly I'll do with it, but it may be made into some kind of little bag. Loving Blue moons and mermaids it was an obvious stitch.


It's no secret that I'm not keen on over one stitching, old tired eyes at the end of a long day at work do not make it the easiest thing in the world to do. It's the bane of some of my most favorite projects that I would still love to stitch in this lifetime. "Susan's Needle Nook" was a class piece by Susan Greening-Davis from the very last Rockome Show. I found this kit among the stash and decided to start working on it and in the past couple weeks I have made good progress (especially since it has not been the only thing I've been working on). I will be working the over one a bit at a time and I WILL polish it off eventually. Note the cute little nametag that Susan makes for her class participants. She is an amazing personality, so chipper, so positive, always has such wonderful things to share and has such a love of needlework that comes shining thru that you always come away from her classes with such a warm wonderful feeling. I have another class piece of Susan's that I need to look at once this is completed. Wish me luck with this, I might need it.

New Essy Finish

I pulled another half finished ESSY Project from the bag of tricks and finished it one night last week in front of the tv. The next day I took it to work and on my lunch half hour I did the finish work on it and got it all put together and wore it the rest of the day. This is the design by Drawn Thread.

Lizzie Kate Finish

I have not been a fan of Lizzie-Kate for many years, but she has a couple of designs that I have found to be worthy of my attention enough to stitch them. The one that I've completed most recently is "Life's a Stitch". After seeing this piece stitched up many times by other stitchers I have always found it most charming. I had started this piece quite some time ago (I started two of them actually) and just finished the first version of it. The second version will be on much darker fabric.