Monday, May 14, 2007

Friends that make you feel special

I've received two gifts this past week. The first was a kit from my friend Libby. We found out during dinner last week that we have several
things in common. This beautiful piece is finished as a trivet and I can't wait to get it stitched as I know right where I want to put it.

The other gift was a needlebook and tiny fob from my friend Debs in Indiana. Her stitching is amazing and her over one leaves me scratching my head. The beaded edge and perfectly made tassel and cording makes them so elegant. With everything that's been going on, it's so wonderful to have friends like this to make you feel so special.

Just me and Christian

I've been away, very busy and mostly unplugged from everything, and while I took a few projects with me thinking I'd work on them, I only worked on one thing, Christian's Stocking. He's not as easy a stocking as others I've worked, but he's very colorful and it's such fun to watch this one come to life. Once again ATS got no attention this past couple weeks since I can only work on it at home under my light. My life is just not my own right now...and while this too shall pass, I expect things to get worse before they get any better, but here is what I accomplished. I also have Reed in the works and will update you on that in coming days.