Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pre-Halloween Stitching

It's been a week since I stitched this little sign from the Salem Witch chart (Primitive Needle), and I've got another one kitted up to take along to Salem with me. This came in the mail last Thursday (more than a week ago) and I couldn't stop looking at it or resist the urge to just put needle to fabric and stitch the darn thing. So on Saturday evening I found out just how quick a stitch this piece is.

The trouble with organizing and sifting stash is that things get lost or buried in a hurry. That's what happened to my Happy Haunting (Shepherd's Bush) this past couple weeks. I was determined to find it this weekend because I knew it was in my house, my car or at the office. Well I finally found it just a few minutes ago typically buried. I'm posting this to inspire Cindy, since she inspired me with her Halloween Fairy. Working on this is quite relaxing. I did all the little things in the hill and then went back and did the fill, which went way too fast. As you can see I'm basting the left edge so I can skip down a bit when next I pick it up.

This week I think it's going to be a combination of Random Thoughts (Drawn Thread) and the Jane Austin Sampler from The March 2007 issue of The Gift of Stitching. Random Thoughts is an old WIP that I enjoy working on, but Jane has been calling to me to start it. I think she may be a good travel piece.