Sunday, October 28, 2007

Stash Sale

The weeding has begun.
All from a smoke-free, pet-free home.
Proceeds go to a local charity.
Please email me at adana69 (at) and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Easter Egg Sampler kit by Drawn Thread ($15.00)
My Son by Indigo Rose ($45) complete with silks on 32 ct light sand linen
Stitching Chair Necessaire by Hillside Samplings ($50) kit has SAL instructions included
Americana Sampling by Little House Needleworks ($25) complete limited edition kit from 2005
My Tuckaway Shoulder Bag by Colonial Designs ($20) chart, bag and sampler charm included
From the Heart Sewing Pocket kit ($25) Elegant Stitch Kit
Believe in a Cure Needleroll ($25) Elegant Stitch kit
Children with Fur Needleroll by Puddin Designs ($12) complete kit
Ring of Stitches by Earth Threads ($20) adorable fabric and linen bag and threads
Mermaid by Lanarte (fabric, fibers and chart) (15)
My Heart is True by Gail Bussi (9 Krienik silks included) ($10)

Be Not Afraid kit and large tin by Praiseworthy Stitches ($25.00)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Hauntings (Shepherd's Bush style)

I guess at the rate I'm going I should wish you all a Happy Halloween as I won't get back here before that happens I'm sure. No pictures right now, just no time, I seem to be a hit and run blogger at the moment.

Right now I am very disenchanted with stitching as a whole and am bored to death with some of the projects and charts I own that are taking up space I would like to use for other things and hope to do something about that very soon. I have way too much here to stitch in several lifetimes and just need to clear out charts, kits (class pieces and things I have kitted up). I have three rooms where major stash deposits can be found and it has to end.

I've been busy with a research and writing project and just don't find the time or interest in surfing the stitch sites, albums, blogs, bulletin boards, shops, etc like I once did. Anytime I find for stitching I spend doing it, not talking about it!!!! I haven't even been to stitch group for over a year and really need to get back with that great bunch of ladies even if they don't stitch my style of designs. A work friend and I will be organizing another stitch group this winter and have several people interested in joining in.

I have enjoyed working on my Happy Haunting piece from the Shepherd's Bush spooky retreat last fall in Utah and it's coming right along. The top hill section is now completed and a few of the bands under it are done and I'll skip to the bottom of the piece shortly to do the other hill. My ornament completion sucks right about now, but oh well. I plan to dig out some of the other kits from the SB retreat and work on those as well.

In a few weeks I'm off to Boston and Salem again and this time I've found the perfect piece to work on during the trip and especially during my stay in Salem.....Salem Witch by the Primitive Needle. The little hat with SALEM and 1692 could not be more perfect.
Stitch on!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Very little blogging, even less stitching and just no reading about stitching stuff

I've just been too busy lately to keep up with anything stitching related (research and family will do that to you, along with a couple other things on my agenda right now, which includes laughing my guts out at a friend).

Hey, my very special friend up north, I cannot thank you enough for the tip off!!! You are just too funny right now in what you're doing, and it makes me roll on the floor with laughter! Evil incarnate! I think I've taken care of everything on this end and I expect to hear anymore details you have for me. We have quite a history between groups, retreats, plenty of emails and tons of drama on both our parts (isn't famous fun??? OK, perhaps not, we'll leave it to Britney!). Then there's Rockome for sure next year right, since you missed it this year????? I can't wait to get together with you again. I have to say that last Little House piece of yours is just a charmer, and there again we have our Little House story to laugh about don't we??? OMG, stitching friends are just to much fun. Thanks always for the defense and for the sweet message, I so appreciate it.

Now to the stitching news, which isn't much.
I'm back stitching Happy Haunting from the Shepherd's Bush retreat last September. Picking this up again right now wasn't hard at all with fall in the air and on my fabric. I'm working on the hill which I have outlined. In class with Tina last year she had us work on a couple of the bands below the hill so I have those at least started. I've also worked on the things on the hill and will show you some progress pics in the near future here I hope. Until then I expect to keep laughing with my friend who totally cracks me up.