Sunday, April 25, 2010

Life's Still a Stitch

I've finished the second Lizzie*Kate "Life's a Stitch" piece that I found less than half done recently. Didn't take much and it's much smaller than the first one I did. I have got to do some finish work on it yet, but this is the completed project. I promise a better pic next time.

Sarah's Alyssum Pocket Gift

Someday I may actually find my mother of pearl buttons (that I know were dumped in a large tub when I was packing) and get this piece finished for my daughter as I stitched it last fall. I made myself a pink pocket and love it so much that I made a purple one for my daughter Sarah. (She's a purple fan). Alyssum Pocket is by The Cat's Whisker's.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pocketful of Posies (JCS Apr 1998) COMPLETE

My completed bag. It took me until 1am to get it done, but it felt so good to get that beading done. This morning while watching the news I finished attaching the lining, made cording and once attached it was done.

This is the back with the front flap showing

Front of bag with the flap open showing the fabric lining

I still have to put a button and button loop on the front, but first I have to find the box that has all my Mother of Pearl buttons in it.
Now I have to find something else to work on. We'll talk about that next week.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pretty in Pink - Installment #2

From Just Cross-Stitch (April 1998)
In one week I've made some serious progress during my lunch half hours (and one day was spent doing a baby shower for a co-worker). I'm determined to get this one done and out of my face, and besides the cleaning lady at work loves seeing what I'm working on and watching the progress I make.

Easter Stitching

I'm putting away my Easter things in an organized fashion and thought I'd share the gems we got to enjoy during the holiday. From top left: Easter Egg by Shepherd's Bush stitching by my friend Angi Boccone from Italy stitched over one. It's an amazing little piece that I've had for a few years and I enjoy putting it out every year. Happy Hoppy Easter by Lizzie Kate is something I stitched back in 1999, and Easter 2000 was a freebie as I remember it that I stitched back in, bingo 2000. Easter Love is probably a Trail Creek Farm that was stitched for me by Kirsi Vallinen from Finland. It's such a nice bright piece that we all enjoy having out. And Easter Joy by Shepherd's Bush is a little bag that I finally got finished this past year. Did you put your Easter stitching out this year?

Monday, April 05, 2010

Pretty in Pink Project

I started this project many moons ago and it's still not done. It's called Pocket Full of Posies and it's from an old Just Cross Stitch magazine. As you can see from the photo showing it's a small purse with flowers. It has beadwork in it and many eyelet stitches. I'm making progress on it, but it's slow. I'd just like to see it done one day soon.