Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stocking Support

This is the stocking I'm working on for my Grandson Tanner.
As you can see below, my daughter Sarah has stitched this one
and it's a beauty when it's completed.

Don't ask me who this one is for, but I think it's Robert's stocking that my daughter Sarah had started and quit once the reindeer gave her fits. I have intentions of finishing it one day.

But first I have to find and finish the stockings I have in process for my daughter Emily and her husband Shaine. Soon they add another grand-darling to the mix and I'll be planning which stocking to gather supplies for next.

SB Stockings

This stocking was made by my oldest daughter Sarah.
She puts words on her stockings to make them timeless.

Mary's stocking that my daughter Sarah made.

My Grandson Bryce's Christmas Stocking that I made for him.
Being very anti-smoking, I made it a bubble pipe.

This winter I've really enjoyed looking at these Shepherd's Bush stockings that are just screaming to be made into stockings.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Essy Projects

My completed ESSY Projects to date. I have a ways to go to get them all done, but once found, I plan to work on more of to find where they are hiding.

More finish work

Snowdays enable you to do things that you wouldn't normally decide what to finish next. I found this adorable ornament that I had stitched a while ago and never got around to finishing, so that was first up. I made some cording during the day and the next two evenings I did the finish on a couple of pieces. My Oh Say by Shepherd's Bush was turned into a fob.

Black and White Fob Finish

Victorian Elegance by Indigo Rose. I bought this one in Arizona at Attic Needleworks when I was in Phoenix for a conference in February 2005. I came across this one and it was stitched, it just needed to have the finish work done. The reverse looks the exact same.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Another Familiar Finish

SALEM WITCH by the Primitive Needle
You may remember that I stitched this very design back in the fall of 2007 when I first received the pattern. I was on my way to Salem in December 2007 and had one of these started to take along with me. Problem was, I was too busy to get much of it done while out east that year and it has sat in a bag since. I had since started another on a lighter piece of fabric, but it wasn't very far along. When I found these this week and remembered how quick a stitch it was I decided to just finish them both. I love this design on the pumpkin colored fabric. Once I've finished a few more projects and can justify starting something new, I'm going to stitch the cute little witch from the same chart.

1st finish of 2010

I completed Hope Blossoms last night in time to claim a January finish, but just barely. After unpacking some of the projects I have in progress I came across my ESSY projects. These were little kits offered by Elegant Stitch from various designers with proceeds going to breast cancer research. I have completed many of them, but still have several to complete. I cheated on this one by Cindy Valentine and changed the backstitch wording (that said Faith, Comfort, Hope) to just HOPE in cross stitch. I have to admit that I had done a lot of this piece and then stopped because I could not figure out the finishing directions. I finally decided to just concentrate on the completion of the stitching, which was most enjoyable and the finished product is such a beautiful dainty piece, that when it came time to do the finishing I followed the directions and it could not have been simpler.
Now to decide what ESSY Project is next........