Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blackbird Designs Summer Bouquet

Patriotic Bouquet
Blackbird Designs

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Marabout Rouge Angel

I found the pattern to this cute winged cupid online and
just had to stitch it. I don't think I'm done with it however,
I think I need to stitch it in more colors than just the pink.
Not sure how to finish this one, but it's too cute not to finish.
Stitched on evenweave with a variegated DMC. Check out how
Maureen finished hers.

And here is the chart I used.
Here is the blue version (05/03/2013)
Here's the red version (06/23/2013)
Here is the lavender version (06/29/2013)
Coming soon the green and mauve versions.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Small Finishes

Silk Berries
by Schoolroom Samplings
It's a little chart that came with silk floss that was a joy to stitch.
I found some 28ct linen that was perfect for it.
I have to admit that I started this before October 2011 and put it down.
Didn't take much to finish it.
This is a Little House Ornament Design that I sort of went wild with.
The purple house design has an error that is killing me and I'll have to fix that.
Peacock Bird
Ewe & Eye & Friends
I fell in love with this design recently when going thru my EEF notebook.
I have cousins in AZ named Peacock and they will each get a
Peacock Bird Ornament this year.
The other is a needlecase for me to keep my pins in.

Scared Stitches 2006

Scared Stitches
From the Shepherd's Bush Retreat
Park City, Utah
This was a collaboration piece
30ct Witches Teeth Blend Hand-dyed Linen by R&R 
Design front and back by Teri Richards of Shepherd's Bush,
Finishing instructions by Merry Cox,
Silver Jack-O-Lantern charm by Charland.

This is what I was left with:
Enough fabric and fibers to stitch another
30ct Witches Teeth Blend R&R Hand-dyed Linen 
DMC, WDW and Threadgatherer Handpainted Silk
Multicolored Ribbons
Design 62 x 38 and the finishing instructions to make it into a bag.
 My friend Dawn in Peoria will be enjoying the leftovers.