Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where does the time go????

I'm thinking it's a waste of time and money to even buy calendars anymore since the pages just fly off of them right by my face. I always loved the saying "CAUTION: Dates on calendar may be closer than they appear". Nothing could be more true these days.
I've changed many things about my life since I was last here. I have a new job and with it new surroundings, new learning curve, new boss, new cohorts. I have a few new interests, have gotten back into some older interests, but for now I still have the same address and forever the same last name.
As for stitching, I haven't done any of that in over a year. I'm thinking it's time to be realistic and seriously weed the collection. I do have a few things I plan to keep and finish or that I may want when I'm in the home. (Not that I'm even close to ready, but who can think about retiring in this economy?) I did crochet a couple of baby capes for newborns whose parents I work with (if that counts), but the crochet bug is about gone and I need to eek out another gift or two before it completely disappears.
I didn't attend the SB retreat last fall, in fact I hadn't even given it serious consideration at sign up time. I did miss seeing old friends and have some good laughs. Backing away from all the negative aspects about stitching for a while was really good for me, gave me new perspective on life. But on the flip side, I've missed so many of my friends who I connect with thru stitching. And I want to reconnect with those people again. I did enjoy concentrating on things locally; home, family, work, organizing my life, and playing with my iTouch and Creative Zen. But now that I'm wireless, I hope to keep up with personal email a little better.