Saturday, August 25, 2007

Where did the summer gooooooo

I'm not sure where the summer went, but the kids are back in school here, the students are back at the University and the stores prove with their school supplies that summer is over. However, the temperatures we've had would never convince you of that.

The blog is again open....and some things have been deleted for privacy reasons and for the protection of people I love. I've also deleted all references to a road trip taken a couple weeks ago, so if you have questions about that, just ask me. Anyway, if you read it, then you'll understand when I tell you that Mirabilia's Cinderella won in a tie with some stitched roses. It was killing me so I had to call and ask.

I'm back to doing an ESSY project and cussing a lot. It's the Cindy Valentine lip gloss case which was the last kit offered by Elegant Stitch for this program. It's very cute with the pink beads on pink fabric, the little MOP button that's included and all the varigated fibers, but I think by doing the outlining first I made this one a lot harder than it's supposed to be and the instructions almost make my head explode. I think I've finally realized that there probably isn't anything I would like in a small that I couldn't manage to design and stitch myself. The one thing I want to get back to this week is the pink pocket I've been working on, but first I have to find it. I'm not sure if it's here or at work in a box somewhere in my office, but I'm rested and ready to have another go at it.

I've been much more into finishing than actual stitching lately as I'm sure you know, and I've found another piece to finish. It's a lighthouse piece I had made (dated 1999) during my lunch hours with a very dear stitching friend I was working with at the time. On it are a few lighthouses that DH and I have visited over the years, Round Island Light, MI; Old Point Loma Light, CA; Holland Harbor Light, MI; Marblehead Light, OH; and Old Mackinac Point Light, MI. I was never sure what to do with this piece, but I think if it fits it would look smashing as a basket band on a large Longaberger basket that I have hanging in my entryway. I'll get on that this week and will show you how it turned out.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Seeing Double

After that jury duty stent I did in June where I stitched FOUR of the same thing while sitting all week, I now find myself stitching two of everything small that I start. Strange I know!!! I stitched Love (Carriage House Samplings) and then started over and stitched it again as a gift for Angi and modified her's with that little heart. Here you see my Love pincushion, all finished.

Then I stitched Alison that cute pudgie and since I had the fabric and floss out, I started another one after finishing hers and just mixed up the colors. Don't ask me why I keep doing this, I have no clue. But it's been good for my finishing skills, and I don't have to put the floss away quite so quickly!

This is a piece I am NOT making two of!!! It's an update on my Repro sampler from my Rockome class this past June. (1907 Czech/Slovak Sampler" by Marjorie Mueller). I keep plugging away on it, and I plan to finish it in 2007.

I heard today there will be NO office move for a month. Telecommunications is holding things up since there is no phone service in the new building. That means I'll be in my office living among the boxes that I've packed. (OH YIPPEE!!!) We finally get to see the building on Thursday and I can't wait to scope out the new office I'll have. But first we have a baby shower to do tomorrow. The only other person in the office that helps me is going to have a baby and she's not sure if she'll come back afterwards. We're training a new temp as I speak. I expect to be in Boston/Salem in December and someone has to be able to watch the shop. And since it's tomorrow, I best get to bed.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


That would be the weather, just nothing but hot here for 2 weeks now. We had escaped having our air on for most of the summer until Aug 1 and then the heat wave hit. (08/14/07 Today I found out that my pinkeep did in fact make it to Italy while I'm sitting here waiting to hear from Angi and her emails are just not getting thru to me and I didn't even think to check her blog to see if she posted it....sheesh!)

I've been stitching a bit, finished a birthday gift pinkeep by Carriage House Samplings that just never landed in Italy during the past month,

then stitched Alyssum Pocket in pinks for me...
...and used the pudgie from French Heart to make a pinkeep fob for Alison's exchange piece that made it to Australia in 5 days.

And I have to share with you what I got from Alison in the Shepherd's Bush bulletin board exchange. A darling pink heart fob with such perfectly done beads around the edge attached to some charming pink scissors and a pink floss and some lucious chocolate and Tim Tams *YUM*. Thanks Alison. She knows the way to my heart.