Friday, October 27, 2006

On the road again....

Tomorrow my Saturday will be spent on the road to Indy and then north to Noblesville for a stitching event with the Hoosier Stitchers. I have a couple friends I'm going to hang out with for the day. It's a 2 hour+ drive one way, but well worth it.

UPDATED to show you a few pics that were taken.
They certainly appear to be stitching!!!
Adana and Debs looking things over.
Shepherd's Bush stitchers!
Cici and Adana

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

From Ogden to Italy

Yesterday I heard from my friend Angi that my little sheep has found it's way to Italy. I had months ago thought about making a mail art piece for Angi to mail while I was at the SB retreat. The problem was I was down to the wire getting it stitched at the last minute and having to sew it shut in the hotel room in Ogden.

Angi has sent me a couple of mail art pieces that are just beautiful, and I wanted to surprise her with one when she least expected it. I also wanted her to know how much I would love for her to be at the Shepherd's retreat with all of us SB addicted stitchers. I stitched an Italian Flag above my lamb keeping it simple since I wasn't sure it would actually arrive.

When I went to mail it at the Post Office in Ogden, the clerk didn't know quite what to think. He just kept asking me if I wanted an envelope for it. I told him no, but I did want a "real stamp" and not those ugly metered stickers. While he just stood staring at it, I said "You're going to hand cancel it now right?" and he said "I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it." I assured him he was going to hand cancel my stamp as I wanted to see the postmark. So from Ogden (home of the Shepherd's Bush shop), to Italy, in just under 2 weeks. Who says mail can't get through to Italy?????

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oh to be in Utah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was the view from our balcony at the Canyons resort in Park City Utah during the Shepherd's Bush Retreat. I don't think I've been that relaxed in a long long time. But as they say, all good things must end, and it certainly has.

This is the beautiful beaded bag that Joanna bought me at the Farmer's Market at the Canyons. I LOVE IT! THANKS JOANNA!
My retreat nametag with signatures from all the instructors and the gifts we were given each day in class.
This is the bag I made to carry my class projects in each day. I made four of them so that all my roomies would have one to match. It's lined with cream muslin and the heart on the end of the beaded zipper pull says "made with love".
Happy Haunting by Shepherd's Bush, our class project from Tina & Teri has some great buttons, beautiful linen and is just the most adorable design.
"THE" t-shirt from Roosters that I just had to have. Gotta love it.
Each day you get a retreat newsletter to let you know what's going on. This is the lot of them and the name of the person we were given to write a story about to present at the banquet.
"Scared Stitches" took the place of "Shared Stitches" this year, the collaboration project. This little bag was designed by Shepherd's Bush, with finishing instructions by Merry Cox, specially dyed linen by R&R, has a house on the front and bands on the back and a darling pumpkin charm by Charland to attach.
Amy Mitten did it again. Not only did she supply us with fantastic fibers and beautiful linen, but she wrote an entire mystery that was read in class. She not only wrote this elaborate story, she wrote two different endings, one for each class. Her kits are just the most amazing and her fibers....well they're "to dye for".
The kit by R&R Reproductions was a needlework pocket that had halloween motifs and YUMMY Crescent Colors fibers.