Sunday, May 16, 2010

Where there is Life, there is Hope

Yes, I've broken the rules yet again and started another new project. I have been obsessed with this piece for sometime and wanted to stitch it for a friend of mine at work who is a breast cancer survivor, but she's not at all interested in my stitching, so I'll hang onto it for now. It's a Breast Cancer Awareness piece designed by Little House Needleworks and it worked up in less than a week. I made some changes to mine in stitch count and colors and couldn't be happier with it.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

With All Your Heart/Blue Ribbon Designs

A week into my current project and it's coming along nicely. I've broken the rule of not starting something new....again. But this one was screaming at me and it's "PINK". I will also work in an already started project. This kit is "With All Your Heart" by Blue Ribbon Designs and was sold by the California shop "Elegant Stitch" as a breast cancer fundraiser. It's an 8 sided pin cushion with a scissor fob and a tiny fob coming off the top of the pin cushion. So far it's been a rather labor intensive stitch but an enjoyable one. I've not done one of these biscornu pincushions, so it will be fun putting it together. A little over one stitching again on this one, but I did find my q-snaps and will be using those this time.